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If you’re a Divorce Professional, I can help your clients understand what kind of divorce they have so you can make strategies for how best to navigate it.

I can cater realistic guidance about how to emotionally cope with the end of a marriage, including how to help children adjust. For anyone going through a high-conflict divorce, it’s essential to learn about personality traits and disorders that contribute to the ongoing conflict.

A divorce therapist can aid in teaching your clients to disengage emotionally. It’s common for someone going through a dissolution to get mired in resentments towards the other person, or concern over an ex’s parenting.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
-Maya Angelou

Divorce Professionals  job gets easier when clients can learn to handle their anger, learn to accept the loss of control, and become better parents to their children.

I will give your clients communication strategies. One of the top stressor for divorced people is communication. E-mails and texts make it easy to use an ex like a punching bag. Targets of acrimonious communication may unwittingly fuel hostile contact by responding defensively, trying to prove they’re right or retaliating in kind. Or, they may go into “flight” mode and spend hours reacting, feeling angry, scared, and queasy – without getting anything accomplished. I will help your client learn how to decrease the time they spend corresponding with their ex and improve the effectiveness of their communication.

A divorce therapist can help your clients learn to co-parent. The main obstacle to effective co-parenting is when parents try to control what goes on in the other parent’s household. Meddling happens ostensibly because one person doesn’t trust his ex to care for the children, but more likely because he or she has control issues and hasn’t learned to let go of the reins. This kind of intrusiveness will not only damage their ability to co-parent, but it will also encourage children to pit parents against each other.

Dealing with a divorce is a bit like dealing with a chronic disease. Divorce Professional client’s need help to educate themselves about what to expect and come up with strategies to manage their symptoms, whether those are infrequent, mild flare-ups, or near-constant barrages. Even a few therapy sessions can help them achieve what should be the end game of any divorce: making peace with the past and moving on to something better.

Your client’s state of mind matters greatly to their case.

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